Henley Archaeological & Historical Group

Our Questionnaire – November 2021

An invitation was sent to all members with email addresses to complete a short questionnaire, and paper copies were distributed to others. Two reminders were sent so it is fair to say that we have the opinions of everyone with active interest in the Group. 

In summary, we have responses from two-thirds of the membership, and I believe we can take their views as representative.

There are nuances in the responses, but the clear messages are:

  • Most of the membership are comfortable with meetings (as of the end of November), and most of these are also content to go on coach trips.
  • Based on responses, we can expect 30 people attending our lecture on the 7th December.
  • There is strong support for maintaining some lectures on zoom. (Marlow and Maidenhead still do zoom exclusively). Should we have meetings or additional lectures on zoom?
  • A clear majority of members would welcome the Group meeting at a larger location – at least some of the time.
  • Our regular events are popular, but there is interest in all the other activities suggested – including working with the Museum
  • There is support for raising the membership fees. Requests for donations towards special projects is also strongly supported.

Of great interest is the number of comments that members gave both on involving younger people and on the general comments and feedback.

To read the full report click here.