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The archaeological dig at Market Place Mews – site visit November 2018

Drone photograph by member Richard Pinches of the burgage plots at Market Place north.

Some 45 members from our Group plus visitors from Marlow came to the archaeological dig, which has laid bare the original lay-out of the medieval burgage plots. The senior site archaeologist explained the very great significance of this site, as it has preserved the plots mostly intact, despite their use ancillary to the dwelling houses, over some 800 years. This very rarely ever happens, as many town centers have been built and rebuilt many times and leave a palimpsest of multiple periods and uses.

The archaeologists have not yet dug down to the horizon of the early town, let alone to the time before Henley was founded in circa 1200. So there is still much information to come and to look forward to. The Henley Herald sent two of their staff members to the visit and have an excellent and detailed report on their web site – for those of you who want to find out more about it, the archaeology and the finds so far.

Ruth Gibson