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Our visit to Calleva, July 2019

We had a very interesting visit to the site identified as the bath house complex, when first excavated and recorded in c. 1900. The many different layers, alterations and additions, as well as the use of the buildings over some 300 centuries leaves the visitor marvelling at the archaeologists’ ability to interpret this large and very complex site. Luckily the Professor will come and tell us more about it when he is to give us a talk on Silchester in November 2020, after a further summer’s season of excavations.

Arrival of Calleva HA&HG explorers
Introductory talk by Professor Fulford

The Roman bath complex in the town quarter not far from the medieval church, re-excavated by Reading University Archaeologists.

The 2 blocks of tegulae are part of the furnace which provided the hot air for the underfloor heating of the room to the left.

Prof. Fulford told us that the water source and pipes have yet to be discovered. Or was it a hot room, like a sauna, rather than a bath?

Below: Calleva’s other, all-year round inhabitants in the south-west quarter, with the Roman street plan and house platforms again hidden safely below the grazing cattle.

Ruth Gibson