Return to Calleva, The Bath House Complex

Speaker: Professor Michael Fulford

Tue, 2 Nov 2021

About the lecture:

Michael Fulford , Project Director and Professor of Archaeology at the University of Reading has been excavating at Silchester since 1974.

He will summarise the excavation work carried out this summer at Calleva and update us on new discoveries made since our visit (pre-Covid), concerning the development of the different building phases, especially in the areas of the  Caldarium, Palaestra and Ambulatory.

Our lecturer: Professor Michael Fulford


He directs:

The Silchester Roman Baths Project, 2018- Silchester Archaeology

This project has two principal aims: one, to gain a better understanding of the structure and development of the baths, which were originally excavated by the Society of Antiquaries in 1903-4; two, to investigate the deposits which accumulated outside the building in order to understand better its environment and the changing behaviour of its users through the Roman period.