Neolithic long barrow excavation

Speaker: Susanna Venn

Tue, 7 Feb 2023

About the lecture:

The talk will be about the Cotswolds and the surrounding area with its many Long Barrows starting from the early Neolithic period. Six years ago a team from Bournemouth University started to excavate a previously unknown barrow in its entirety, with a view to working out how they were built and of course, why they were built. We are not finished yet by any means, but a picture is emerging-  needless to say it is not quite what was expected!

Our lecturer: Susanna Venn

Susanna Venn has been a teacher of biology for 14 years, but one summer
six years ago she joined an archaeological dig. From that time she was hooked and so is
currently retraining to become a Human Osteoarchaeologist at Reading University.