Lost Villages of Oxfordshire

Speaker: Deborah Hayter

Tue, 2 May 2023

About the lecture:

Everyone knows something about Deserted Medieval Villages (the Plague or Sheep are generally the local explanations).
There are over 120 “lost” villages in the county – but why?

Are there any such deserted villages in this area?

Deborah Hayter’s research has led her to explore the life and death of deserted villages and the reasons for their decline. What really happened to them and why did they disappear?

Our lecturer: Deborah Hayter

Deborah Hayter did an MA at the Centre for English Local History at Leicester. Since
then, she has taught many courses at OUDCE and is often asked to speak to local
history societies.

She is first and foremost a landscape historian, looking to answer the
question ‘Why do places look like they do?’, but she has also taught courses on village
history and on the history of poor relief, which is a particular interest of hers.