The Buildings of Henley 1780 – 1914

Speaker: Geoffrey Tyack

Tue, 3 Jan 2023

About the lecture:

Henley flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, due in part to its allure as a riverside resort town, home of the world-famous regatta. Prosperity resulted in a spate of new construction, both of domestic and of public and commercial structures. This talk will focus on some of the buildings which transformed the appearance of late Victorian and Edwardian Henley, and helped shape the town that we know today.

Our lecturer: Geoffrey Tyack

Geoffrey Tyack grew up in London and lived in Henley for nine years before moving To Oxford. He studied history at St. John’s College, Oxford, and is now an emeritus Fellow of Kellogg College, University of Oxford, President of the Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society and editor of the Georgian Group Journal.

He published an article on the Rebuilding of Henley from 1780-1914 in Oxfordshire Local History, spring 1989; his other publications include Oxford: An Architectural Guide (Oxford University Press 1997) The Historic Heart of Oxford (Bodleian Library Publications, 2022) and The Making of our Urban Landscape (OUP 2022)