List of Journals

No. 36
September 2023

Page 5: Jackie Fortey

Page 6: Martin Whittaker
The Church of St Mary the Virgin: Building History

Page 23:
Self-guided Tour of St Mary’s

Page 26: Hilary Fisher
Reverend James King, a new look at Henley’s Rector 1825–1852

Page 36: Hilary Fisher
Henley Rector, James King’s forebears

Page 46: Paul Butler
The Occupancy of Country Houses around Henley during the Second World War

Page 63: Dr Michael Redley
Henley’s Footpaths and Commons: Bridge Cottage and the Lion Meadow




No. 35
November 2022

Page 5:  Jackie Fortey

Page 6:
From the Archives

Page 9: Dr Michael Redley
John Goulty: Congregationalist Minister in Henley in the early 19th century

Page 29: Hilary Fisher
The Independent Chapel of Rotherfield Greys: lives of leading members of its Congregation c1750–1850

Page 54:
Independent Chapel: Notes and Bibliography 

Page 57: Tony Crockett interviewed by Liz Toms
Recollections of the Second World War in Henley


No. 34
June 2021

Page 5 Jackie Fortey

Page 7 – 48 Michael Redley
A walk exploring the life and legacy of Henley’s Victorian hero


No. 33
June 2020

Page:  3  Jackie Fortey
Page: 4  Ruth Gibson
Introduction: Greys Brewery and Historic Buildings in Friday Street South
Page:  8
Timber-framed Buildings Glossary
Page:  9
Recorded Buildings in Friday Street South
Page:  9
Nos. 14 and 14a  Friday Street
Page:  16
No 16  Friday Street
Page:  20
Nos. 54–56 :  ‘Way’s Rare & Secondhand Bookshop’ and ‘Greys House’
Page:  24
No. 58 : The Anchor Inn
Page:  30
No. 60 Baltic Cottage and No. 9 Thameside, Baltic House

Page:  35  John Bailey
Rowing clubs in Henley before 1853

No. 32
May 2019

Page 2 Jackie Fortey
Page 4 Michael Redley
Henley in the South African War
Page 33 Jackie Fortey
The Arthur R Lloyds Collection
Page 34 Arthur R Lloyds
The Account of How We Spent a Week Cycling 15th August 1913
Page 38 Hilary Fisher
Henley Probate Records
Page 38
The Wills of the Mounteney Family
Page 43
The Wills of the Pitts Family

No. 31
April 2018

Page 2 Jackie Fortey
Page 4 Ruth Gibson
Five C15th houses in North Street, Henley
Page 8
Old Bell House, No. 9 Northfield End
Page 15
Nos. 93 and 95 Bell Street
Page 20
The ‘Bear’ Nos. 77–81 Bell Street
Page 27
Nos. 73 and 75 Bell Street
Page 31
Nos. 74, 76, and 78 Bell Street
Page 40
Evidence from Buildings and Documents
Page 43
1 Glossary
2 Dr. Robert Peberdy, selected excerpts from tables
3 Photographs of ‘rounded corner’ buildings
4 Inventory of John Dolton 1683

No. 30
March 2017

Page:  3  Pam Syrett
Introduction to Journal Number 30
Page:  5  Jackie Fortey
The Lambridge Charity Estate
Page: 19  John Bailey
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Page: 25  Lonee Hewitt
Gillotts House

No. 29
December 2015

Page:  1  Pam Syrett
Page:  3  
Rachel Adams
Page:  5  
David Anderson
Page:  6  
Ann H.G. Cottingham nee Rodger
Page: 11  Cynthia Robinson
John Crocker
Page: 13  
Specimen 1942 Clothing Card
Page: 14  
Ruth Gibson nee Stobäus
Page: 17  
Graham Jones
Page: 20  
Roger Kendal
Page: 22  
Adele O’Connor
Page: 25  
Saving Salvage
Page: 26  
Jill Richardson
Page: 27  
Specimen Clothing Coupon Book
Page: 28  
Janet Scorer
Page: 30  
Angela Spencer-Harper
Page: 33  
Specimen Identity Card
Page: 34  Pam Syrett
John Syrett
Page: 37  
John Whiting
Page: 40  Graham Jones
In Conclusion

No. 28
December 2014

Page:  1  Graham Jones
Page:  2  Ruth Gibson
Introduction to the Houses and People of Friday Street North
Page:  5  Ruth Gibson
Timber Framed Buildings: Glossary
Page:  6  Ruth Gibson
Nos. 17 —29 known as Gravett’s Charity
Page: 13  Ruth Gibson
Nos. 31 and 33
Page: 18  Ruth Gibson
Nos. 45 and 47 known as Queen Anne Cottage and The Old Foundry
Page: 22  Ruth Gibson
Nos. 51 and 53
Page: 27  Ruth Gibson
Nos. 57 — 61
Page: 30  Ruth Gibson
No. 63
Page: 34  Ruth Gibson
No 65 The Doll’s House
Page: 39  Ruth Gibson
Nos. 67, 69 and 71 Old Timbers and Friday Cottage
Page: 43  Ruth Gibson
No. 73, Barn Cottage and No. 10 Thameside, Old Granary 43
Page: 47  Graham Jones
Map of Friday Street, based on 1879 OS Town Plan

No. 27
March 2013

Page:  1  Valerie Alasia
Page:  2  John Bailey
William VIII: the last of the Wings
Page: 26  Cynthia Robinson
A Henley Childhood in the early 20th Century, from John Crocker’s notes
Page: 29  Ruth Gibson
The Bear: a historic Henley Inn
Page: 30  Ruth Gibson
The Bear: Discussion and summary on building dates, alterations and additions
Page: 39  Originally transcribed by an evening class of Mrs Joan Dils and subsequently by Angela Dix
The Inventory of the goods of John Dolton, taken in 1683
Page: 42  Viv Greenwood
The Bear Inn: a footnote concerning the will of William Brooks, 1744

No. 26
June 2011

Page:  1  Ruth Gibson
25 Market Place, the eastern part of Facy’s – an exciting discovery
Page:  3  Ruth Gibson
Postscript to previous reports on 76 and 78 Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames.
A hall and cross wing building, dendro dated to 1405 in 1992 and consequently Listed II*
Page:  9  Kester George
The Origins of Wallingford and South Oxfordshire
Page: 13  Ruth Gibson
Report on dating buildings by the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory during the Victoria County History Project in Henley.
Grant aided by the Marc Fitch Fund

No. 25
December 2010

Page:  1  Ann Cottingham
Henley and the Civil War
Page: 13  Captain Samuel Turner
A true Relation of a Late Skirmish at Henley upon Thames
Page: 18  Ann Flinders Petrie
The D’Oyly Family
Page: 20  Ruth Gibson
Lower Hernes, Rotherfield Greys
Page: 28  Ruth Gibson
The Victoria County History on Lower Hernes, Rotherfield Greys
Page: 33  Ann Cottingham
Comments on two items in Samuel Turner’s letter

No. 24
Spring 2010

Page:  1  Hilary Fisher
The Phillimore Fountain
Page: 11  Ann Cottingham
Hops and Hop Kilns of Henley
Page: 19  Ruth Gibson
Abbreviated Report on the Building known as the Malt House situated in Garden of No 59 Market Place

No. 23
Spring 2009
Page:  3  Ann Cottingham 13 January 1644 Will of William Laud lately Archbishop of Canterbury Page: 11  Dr M C Bridge FSA and Dr D H Miles FSA Background to Dendrochronology Page: 14  Ruth Gibson Report on Dendro Dating Project in Henley for the Marc Fitch Fund Page: 18  Dr M C Bridge FSA and Dr D H Miles FSA Extracts from Report on Old White Hart Page: 27  Ann Cottingham Early Records of the White Hart
No. 22
Autumn 2007

Page:  1  Valerie Alasia
Henley Union Workhouse 1861-1901
Page: 31  Ann Cottingham
The Inn at the Bowling Green or the Old White Horse

No. 21
Spring 2006

Page:  1  Ann Cottingham
Thoughts on Henley Church & some suggestions of its possible development
Page: 15  Roger Kendal
A Romano-British Building at Bix, Oxon. Notes on an excavation carried out 1955-1956
Page: 17  Roger Kendal
Appendix 1: Plan
Page: 20  Paul M Booth
Appendix 2: Roman Pottery from the villa site at Bix, Oxon
Page: 22  Professor D M Metcalf
Appendix 3: Report on the two Saxon coins found at the Roman building site at Bix
Page: 23  Ann Cottingham
The Schoolhouse or Chantry House

No. 20
Summer 2005

Page:  1  Valerie Alasia
The People of Rotherfield Greys in the 17th and 18th Centuries & how the poor lived
Page: 10  Davit Pitt
How did the Oracle get its name?
Page: 11  Ann Cottingham
Plague & Deaths in 17th Century Henley and District
Page: 23  Ann Cottingham
Thomas Woolley/Wolley/Wully & Oxford Court
Page: 24  Ann Cottingham
Newsletter Contents
Page: 28  Ann Cottingham
Journal Contents
Page: 31  Ann Cottingham
Journals & Newsletters Index

No. 19
Winter 2004

Page:  1  Roger Kendal
Humphrey Gainsborough, Minister of Independent Chapel Rotherfield Greys
Page: 15  Valerie Alasia
The Life of the people of Rotherfield Greys in the 18th Century
Page: 19  Ann Cottingham
Some Suggestions and Speculations about Early Henley

No. 18
Autumn 2003

Page:  1  Joan Barksfield
The Wolsey Altar, Hambleden Church
Page: 17  John Crocker
Memories of Two World Wars

No. 17
Summer 2002

Page:  1  Air Vice Marshall Baker G B A 1963
The History of Queen Anne Cottage and the Old Foundry
Page: 22  Ann Cottingham
Some Additional information on the Tan Yard/Foundry, Queen Anne Cottage and its occupants

No. 16
Autumn 2001

Page:  1  Liz Young
Shiplake War Memorial
Page: 15  Kenneth Horswell
Saxon South Oxfordshire:
Brief Notes on Post-Roman Occupation of the Thames and Thame Valleys and South Chilterns
Page: 21  Roger Kendal & Ann Cottingham
The Meeting House Barn of the Independent Church

No. 15
Autumn 2000

Page:  1  Valerie Alasia
Henley Congregational Church, Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, 1907 and its new extensions 2000
Page: 18  John Bailey
Annette Brakspear & St Mary’s Church (with notes on her religious life)

No. 14
Spring 2000

Page:  1  Valerie Alasia
The Henley Union Workhouse 1834-61: National Authority vs. Local Autonomy
Page: 29  Michael Strange
The Strange involvement with Henley Bridge
Page: 31  Peter Anderson
The Clapper Bridge, Remenham Lane & the expanse of water

No. 13
Spring 1999

Page:  1  Roger Kendal
Some Notes on the Development of Locks at Hambleden and Marsh Mills
Page: 11  Ann Cottingham
Old Bridge & was there a way to avoid it?
Page: 19  Ann Cottingham
Houses of the United Schools’ Charities, Longlands & Longland’s Almshouses

No. 12
Spring 1997

Page:  1  Ann Cottingham
Plans & Documents from the Town Hall: Middle Row
Page:  8  Ann Cottingham
Plans & Documents from the Town Hall: Riverside North
Page: 17  Ann Cottingham
Plans & Documents from the Town Hall: Chantry House & Storehouse
Page: 24  Ann Cottingham
Plans & Documents from the Town Hall: Beating the Bounds 1868

No. 11
Summer 1996

Page:  1  Ann Cottingham
The Beginnings of Henley Regatta from the Reading Mercury& Oxford Gazette
Page:  4  John Howard
A Brief History of Mining
Page: 16  John Crocker
The Walls of Henley & the Gateway through them
Page: 22  John Crocker
Walter of Henley
Page: 25  Ann Cottingham
The Fields of Harpsden
Page: 34  Roger Kendal
Did the First Expeditionary Force to France come from Henley-on-Thames?

No. 10
Autumn 1994

Page:  1  Roger Kendal & Ann Cottingham
Report of Excavations at 32-36 Market Place (then the Kings Arms) now the Tourist Office

No. 9
Spring 1993

Page:  1  Ruth Gibson
A Late Medieval Manor House in Bell Street
Page: 23  Ann Cottingham
Appendix I: Later History of 74, 76 & 78 Bell Street
Page: 25  Miles, D W H and Haddon-Reece, D
Appendix II: Tree-Ring Dating of 76 Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

No. 8
Summer 1991

Page:  1  John Crocker
The Riverside Walk: Research into the history of the Area
Page:  4  Garth Blanchflower
Joyce Grove, Nettlebed
Page:  7  Ivy Reeves
General Charles Francois Dumouriez 1739-1823
Page: 10  Mrs M J Hamilton Bradbury
The Paintings now in the Town Hall, previously in the Post Office
Page: 21  Ruth Gibson
Harpsden Court re-discovered

No. 7
December 1989

Page:  1  Geoffrey Tyack
The Rebuilding of Henley-on-Thames 1780-1914
Page: 17  J F Bailey
Establishing the Foundation Date of Henley Rowing Club
Page: 21  Ivy Reeves
The Family of John Davis, Bargeman

No. 6
Winter 1988

Page:  2  Ann Cottingham
Excavation at Parkside, possibly a Windmill 1986-87
Page: 11  Paul Cannon
Clay Pipes found at Parkside
Page: 21  Maureen Mellor
A Commentary on the Pottery found at Parkside

No. 5
Winter 1987

Page:  2  P D Elliman
Glassmaking in Henley, 17th C
Page: 15  Ann Cottingham
89 & 91 Bell St – Nine Years on
Page: 18  Joan Howard
Apparel worn in the 1630s
Page: 20  Joan Dils
Henley and the River Trade in Pre-Industrial period (includes Inventory of George Cranfield, timber merchant 1667)
Page: 29  Claire Halpin
Acheulian Hand Axe
Page: 30  Ann Cottingham
Drawing of Acheulian Hand Axe

No. 4
Summer 1986

Page:  2  Ann Cottingham
The Old Rectory …
Page:  8  Francis Sheppard
…And the History of the House (The old Rectory)

Page: 12  John Crocker
Henley Bridge
Page: 15  Henley Standard (26th October 1906)
Beating the Bounds in 1831 (The Ecclesiastical Parish of Henley)
Page: 18  Ruth Gibson
Bix Manor Farm
Page: 29  Ann Cottingham
Some Axes from Bix
Page: 32  Ann Cottingham
17th century Surrey Ware (drawings of fragments found at no 13 Riverside South in 1985)

No. 3
April 1985

Page:  1  Ann Cottingham
The Rectory Garden Site
Page:  14  Ann Cottingham
Before the Co-op
Page:  16  John Crocker
The Rivulet More and Friday Street (The Town Ditch)
Page:  18  Rachel Ryan
The Inventory of Abraham Mann, Rector of Henley, 1631

No. 2
February 1984

Page:  1  John Howard
The search for the Dark Lady (continued)
Page:  3  John Crocker
An Attempt toTrace the Course of Grymes Dyke through Henley
Page:  6  John Howard
Two Ancient Centres of Trade
Page:  8  Peter Anderson
Bridgemen & Parish Churchwardens
Page: 12  Ruth Gibson
Highmoor Farm

No. 1
March 1983

Page:  1  Ruth Gibson
Life at School in early 17th Century in Henley’s Chantry House
Page:  4  John Howard
In search of a Dark Lady (Part 1)
Page: 10  Ann Cottingham
Pudder’s Farm, Warren Row
Page: 16  Ruth Gibson
The Group’s Outing to Lewknor, November 28th, 1982
Page: 17  John Howard
The Hundred of Lewknor
Page: 19  Peter Anderson
G.W.R. Boundary Markers at Henley-on-Thames


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