Manor Farm Barn & Stables, Rotherfield Peppard

Manor Farm Barn & Stables
Colliers Lane
Rotherfield Peppard

Formerly known as Sadgrove Farm. Only the barn & stables were recorded (The farmhouse has a brick façade with timber framing visible in the gable.  The barn is brick-built with attractive diaper work brick in the gables. Sawn timbers were used in the roof structure and trusses of the inner-principal type. The stable/shed structure consists of 4 bays and is now rather dilapidated; it probably pre-dates the large barn. Only the ground plan and one end gable wall of this building was measured and recorded – see drawings

Grid Reference: SU708819
Parish: Rotherfield Peppard
Surveyed in: 1989
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: ROP-COL-MAN