Lower Hernes Farm

Lower Hernes
Greys Road
Rotherfield Greys

Formerly part of the Greys Court Estate. Timber framed farmhouse with decorative brick & flint infill panels, dendro dated to 1567 (contemporary with major building campaign by Francis Knollys at Greys Court). 17th-century extension on the south side forming a T shaped plan. There are two barns, both adjoining the former farmyard. Both are weatherboarded; barn II with flint & brickwork and ventilation slits in its gables. Barn I has a side aisle and queen post trusses; Barn II also has queen posts, slightly curved, no collars. Both were in a poor state of repairs and not all parts were accessible for recording in 1984.

Grid Reference: SU74168269
Parish: Rotherfield Greys
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: ROG-GRE-LOW