Little Bix Bottom Farm

Little Bix Bottom Farm
Rectory Lane

A two-bay lobby entry plan farmhouse with a number of outbuildings, one of them a large barn ( not recorded as they had a separate equestrian use). It is now located in an isolated position at the T junction of two ancient trackways leading from Bix Common and the Assendon Road to St. James Church (a ruin) and St. Michael’s (an archaeological site mostly below two C20th  estate cottages), and beyond to Bix Manor Farm, Pages Farm and what is now the Bix Nature Reserve. Although now a back water, this must have been a major through road from the Thames valley across the Chilterns to the Oxford Vale. The farmhouse is brick and flint built, dating to c. 1600 with a C 18th rear extension, doubling its size.

Grid Reference: SU731861
Parish: Bix
Surveyed in: 1983
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: BIX-REC-LIT