Home Farm, Middle Assendon

Home Farm
Middle Assendon

Home Farm in Middle Assendon consists of a traditional farmhouse ( brick & flint, of lobby entry plan), an L-shaped, weatherboarded barn ( Barns I and II on drawings, of three bays each) and stables, grouped around the fold yard. There is also a cart shed and yard pump. The 1725 Stonor Estate map shows a house and a simple barn ( barn I), confirming that there were two building phases, forming an L-shape; there is also the addition of a large porch, needed for an increase in processing more cereals.  The brick and flint farmhouse was extended and doubled in size by a 19th century north range with a new front door at what used to be the back, opening into the garden rather than into the fold yard – a clear sign of improved living standards as well as status.

Grid Reference: SU740854
Parish: Bix
Surveyed in: 1983
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: MAS-B48-HOM