Hampstead Farm Barns, Binfield Heath

Hampstead Farm
Hampstead Hill
Binfield Heath

Hampstead Farm is a large, isolated farmstead located above the Thames and main road between Henley and Reading. It has 4 large barns, stables, a granary, pigsties, two-fold yards; all located across a lane from the substantial brick-built farmhouse.  An oxen byre (identified in the report as a stable; the only building recorded by the HA&HG with measured drawings) and the farmhouse are grouped near a large pond to the north side of the track.  All barns are weatherboarded. Barn II has queen strut trusses; barns I and III have inner principals with the date 1776 on the tie beam of barn III. Barn IV appears to be the earliest of the barns; it is of 4 bays with mid-rail framing.

The most remarkable building on site is the brick-built oxen byre, identified by its wide, low doors. It has a fodder storage loft above, with a ladder accessed from the outside. Its trusses are of the interrupted tie-beam type with a gap along the east wall allowing for easy access for fodder storage and feeding.

Grid Reference: SU749778
Parish: Eye and Dunsden
Surveyed in: 1986
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: BIN-HAM-HAM