Barn Grounds, Binfield Heath

Barn Grounds
Sonning Common Road
Binfield Heath

A group of two barns is all that remains of a small farmstead shown on the Tithe Map of 1840. Both barns are timber-framed with aisles on one side, with queen strut trusses and clasped purlins. Barn I is the most interesting building as it is mostly built from re-used cruck timbers;  the arcade posts are constructed from upside-down cruck blades. Cruck buildings are very rare in the Chilterns, but these must have come from a near-by cruck dwelling as transporting very substantial timbers any distance would have been very difficult and costly. The cruck timbers were dendro dated to 1454 by Dr Dan Miles in 1984 and the buildings were subsequently Listed Gd. II in 1985.

Grid Reference: SU739793
Parish: Binfield Heath
Surveyed in: 1984
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: BIN-SON-BARN