93 – 95 Bell Street

Bell Street

93 – 95 Bell Street is a 4-bay timber-framed building of outstanding quality, this however only becomes apparent inside. The rendered façade and sash windows give it the appearance of an ‘early C 18th’ building (Listing entry). The double bay g.f. room of No. 95 has impressive, hollow chamfer moulding on posts, braces, and transverse beam. These are also used in the first floor chambers. The adjoining bays on the south side were part of an open hall. Parts of the arch-braced truss survive in the attic of No. 93. It was dendro dated to 1436-44.

A rear extension of slight, late framing was dendro dated to 1758/9, most likely belonging to the period when the building was a bakery; a large bread oven being mentioned in the Beating of the Bounds of 1777, the boundary between Henley and Bensington running through the building.

Grid Reference: SU760829
Parish: Henley-on-Thames
Surveyed in: 2016
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: 0HY-BES-093