9 Northfield End

Old Bell House
Northfield End

Old Bell House, No 9 Northfield End is located at the northern entrance of the town where the Marlow and Oxford roads meet, forming a triangular open area, possibly a first market place at the gates of the site of the Royal Manor of Fillets. The house has a C18th frontage, which hides part of a timber-framed aisled hall (heavy smoke-blackened) at the back; only the north aisle survives. It was dendro dated to 1471/2. A vaulted cellar under the pavement appears to have been accessed from the street as well as from a later cellar under the house. A dated brick of 1733 with the initials T. O. refers to the ownership of Tomas Ovey and indicates that during this family’s time the dwelling house was much enlarged. – Tethering posts between The Old Bell House and Northfield House are further indicators that this building may have been used as an inn, a place to tie up one’s horse temporarily (the forerunner of our modern parking bay).

Grid Reference: SU760829
Parish: Henley-on-Thames
Surveyed in: 2017
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: 0HY-NOR-009