Malt Cottage, 74 Bell Street

Malt Cottage
Bell Street

Grade II* Listed
This is part of a medieval hall with two cross wings. The central, two-bay hall and its cross-passage were dendro-dated to 1405. The northern two-bay wing appears to be of the same date, as it shares its south timber-framed sidewall with the north gable of the hall.
It was built on the edge of ‘Countess Gardens’, possibly on part of the former royal manorial site abandoned by 1381.
Both cross-wings were cut back and the front was rebuilt in brick with parapet c 1800.

No. 74 appears to have been the two-bay service end, adjoining the cross passage and the original entrance would have been from there, probably in the form of two doors serving a buttery and pantry. The front was reduced in length when the new brick wall was built replacing the timber framing and when the roof was hipped back over both cross wings.

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74, 76 & 78 Bell Street


Note: Report 63
Grid Reference: SU760829
Parish: Henley-on-Thames
Surveyed in: 1990
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Notes: Report 63
Sort key: 0HY-BET-074