63 Friday Street

Friday Street

63 Friday Street appears to be a wing, all that remains of a late medieval house. Its timbers are of heavy scantling with yowl posts and the first floor retains a complete queen strut truss with clasped purlins, large wind and wall braces at the back of the bay. Part of this framing can be seen in the neighbouring house at No. 65, called the ‘Doll’s House’ which is of 18th-century construction, and used the framing of its existing neighbour. These timbers, i.e. the wall post, brace and tie beam, are heavily weathered where they are visible, but now well protected in the bedroom of No. 65. The weathering is a strong indicator that the east side of No. 63 was exposed since its construction and that an earlier component of the building, such as the essential hall, would have been located on the west side, now the site of the C19th brick & flint group of three cottages.

Grid Reference: SU762825
Parish: Henley-on-Thames
Surveyed in: 2009
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: 0HY-FRD-063