14 – 14a Friday Street

Friday Street

14-14a Friday Street has recently been dendro dated to 1589/90 and is the surviving part of an impressive timber-framed house on the south side of Friday Street, now forming a corner with the late-Victorian Queen Street. Until the 1890s it was part of the parish of Rotherfield Greys. It has a jettied gable with moulded joists and is closely studded with a long row of windows in the first-floor gable (some of them now blocked), all of which show that its builder was a wealthy man making a statement.  Very eroded carvings indicate two letters or numerals on a main gable post. Title deeds connect this building with the Benwell family in the C18th, but there are other possible connections with the Benwells of Cowfields Farm, Rotherfield Peppard parish, which go further back.

Grid Reference: SU76213825
Parish: Rotherfield Greys
Surveyed in: 2016
Report written by: Ruth Gibson
Sort key: 0HY-FRI-014