13 Gravel Hill – Dendrochronology report

Nuns Barn
Gravel Hill

No. 13 is a storeyed cross-wing which was added to the sidewall of No.11 in 1454 (dendro date). Its east side purlin and rafters rest on the timbers of the west gable of the hall. – The front wall has much-altered brickwork and fenestration, but the gable preserves a weathered crown strut and side purlin truss. The addition of two curved braces, give it the look of a crown post roof – a device harking back to the timber hungry, elegant medieval crown-post roofs. A simple, well-preserved crown strut truss makes up the rear gable. The tree felling date of 1454 and details of its physical close relationship with the pre-existing, adjoining hall proves that the latter is an earlier building, although the use of crown post struts in both indicates that their dates of construction are not very far apart.

The dendrochronolical report is attached.

For more information see the single report for 9, 11 & 13 Gravel Hill which includes a ground plan from Sales Particulars, a photograph and sketch of the south gable truss. There is no separate report, as no detailed recording was possible.

Grid Reference: SU757825
Parish: Henley-on-Thames
Surveyed in: 2019
Report written by: Dr M C Bridge FSA
Sort key: 0HY-GRA-013